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Sitges Balmins Beach Bears

Balmins nudest beach in Sitges near Barcelona, Catalunya Spain, during September Bears Gay week.

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Sitges Barcelona Coast – Charter Rent Hire a Boat Yacht

Whether SitgesVIP.com for luxury, SitgesCharter.com for groups, SitgesBoats.com for smaller boats… or SitgesWaterSports.com & ParasailSitges.com for pure fun, the beautiful ‘Coast along Sitges’ opens up a new world. You can even go under it with SitgesDiveCenter.com , eat along side with SitgesRestaurants.com and party after, via SitgesNight.com, before your return to your SitgesHotels.net bed!

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ParaSail ParaSailing Landing in Sitges


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Balmins Beach Sitges Kliu Overview- Sitges Events

Sun gone in… but free live music at Balmins Beach about to start, for anyone close by: Young band Garraf with enthusiasm, desire to play and have fun! http://www.kliuofficial.com

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Sitges Bay from Terramar Beach

The Terramar beach, Beach Bar and Hotel sits at the Western end of Sitges. With a semi beach pool created by sea defenses, well suited to kids.