Sitges is a very special holiday resort,
by it’s Nature, Environment, Location, Culture & History.


Sitges is known as a very popular holiday & ex-pat destination for Gays & families.

There are various Gay events that draw an enormous mixed crowd and family friendly events, through out the year. This tends to encourage those looking for a boozy, macho experience, to go elsewhere.


Sat within a lovely bay on the Mediterranean, Sitges offer a wide range of wonderful beaches and a climate that boasts 300 plus sunny dates. But less heat than the South of Spain.


Sitges became what it is, from it’s isolation. And whilst the motorway  now brings Barcelona & it’s airport very close, the original mountain road still exists. Great expanses of natural park sit behind the hills that Sitges backs onto. Giving the adventurous plenty of rural areas to explore.


The fact that Sitges is separated from the urban sprawl & other towns, led to it’s adoption by many artistic & cultured visitors & residents. Especially during the Franco era.

Adding a special element to an already abundant Catalan tapestry. With festivals, events & sights,  entertaining & enthralling locals, expats & holiday makers, throughout the year.


The icon Sitges Church is the centrepiece to a Gothic old town… with Roman elements & many historic buildings. Especially at the end of town travelling North. Digging deeper uncovers cultural strife, with the Dictator Franco for Catalan’s & of course military events, as with much of Europe. Including Slave Galleons not far of Sitges coast.