Music Festival Event

Music Festival Event

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Sitges Balmins Beach Bears

Balmins nudest beach in Sitges near Barcelona, Catalunya Spain, during September Bears Gay week.

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Sitges Santa Tecla Fireworks 2014 PTIII

Santa Tecla Sitges Barcelona – Fireworks End – Sitges Events Sitges Fireworks Sitges Santa Tecla : Past : Future

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Sitges Swing –

Swing under Sitges iconic Church Sitges Swing Dancing Festival Three wonderful days full of emotion, music & dance. With the opportunity to learn from talented teachers. An experience to remember & treasure, with a unique opportunity to experience the swing scene in local surroundings. Featuring national and international professors who teach classes with live music. Classes, …Read more »

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2012 Sitges Santa Tecla

Sitges Fireworks Sitges Santa Tecla : Past : Future