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Sitges Tourist Turisme Turista Video

Sitges has always been a place that has captivated artists, tourists and, in general, visitors from all over. For many, the secret is its light, as noted painters, sculptors and writers who, in the late nineteenth century, settled in the town. And nature has been generous to Sitges as it also has the privilege of …Read more »

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Sitges Gay Pride 2015

Sitges Gay Pride 2015

Sagrada Família Completed Video

Visualisation of the Finished Basilica GAUDI’S UNFINISHED MASTERPIECE World Heritage Site Barcelona’s most-visited landmark 4 mill Towards 140 years in the making Up to 20 years left (by 2030) 1882 foundation stone (laid at feast of St Joseph) Gaudi 1883 to death in 1926 (20% complete/1 facade) 1936 damaged in Spanish Civil War 70% done at 112 meters (367 feet) …Read more »

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Sitges ‘Santa Tecla’ Human Towers Castellers #Sitges

Human Towers Castellers Event at Cap de la Vila in Sitges Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain) Sitges Santa Tecla Past : Future from : : : : : More sites at www.Sitg.e Sitges Fiesta Santa Tecla – Fiesta Mayor – Festa Major – Fiesta Major 2016 | Sitges Events