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Cultural Event

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Gay Pride Sitges 2016 –

A Gay Pride in the Gay Capital of Europe, Sitges near Barcelona, in Spain. A fun, saucy and mixed event, with live acts nightly, during the night, surrounding the Gay Parade. With many of the worlds best tribute acts, for free. The town explodes with activity and nightlife, along with many Gay events during the …Read more »

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Sitges Tango –

International Tango Festival of Sitges – July Classes and milongas in town Tango beach, dancing on the sand at sunset DJ’s International Great Teachers and exhibitions Organizers: ALVARO FLORES, TONI BARBER and FERRER ALFONSO BARCELONA TANGO CLUB Sitges International Tango Festival 2016 | Sitges Events Home Festival Internacional de Tango de Sitges 2016

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Sitges Swing –

Swing under Sitges iconic Church Sitges Swing Dancing Festival Three wonderful days full of emotion, music & dance. With the opportunity to learn from talented teachers. An experience to remember & treasure, with a unique opportunity to experience the swing scene in local surroundings. Featuring national and international professors who teach classes with live music. Classes, …Read more »

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Sitges ‘Longest Table’ Guinness Record in 1986

4th October 1986 in Sitges Successful record in The Guinness Book of Records for Longest Table in the world (Taula del món més llarga) 2,400 meters and 6,000 diners, many residents, sat on the Promenade of Sitges (Passeig de la Ribera) to taste the typical dish, xató of Sitges with its sauce, with peas and …Read more »