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Bar & Nightclub

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Sitges Bay from Terramar Beach

The Terramar beach, Beach Bar and Hotel sits at the Western end of Sitges. With a semi beach pool created by sea defenses, well suited to kids.

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Sitges Balmins Beach Bears

Balmins nudest beach in Sitges near Barcelona, Catalunya Spain, during September Bears Gay week.

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Follow The leader Sitges Las Vegas

Sitges Las Vegas Bar on Sitges Night : Bar on the Calle del Pecado (Sitges Sin Street) since 1956. Nights have been transformed since Spanish Catalan disco ‘line dancing’ has taken on, nightly at the weekend. Especially during summer. VIDEOS: EVENTS INFO: EVENTS & NEWS UPDATES:

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Organic Disco Sitges Longest running Gay clubs in Sitges With a slightly mixed crowd, in summer