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Sitges has always been a place that has captivated artists, tourists and, in general, visitors from all over. For many, the secret is its light, as noted painters, sculptors and writers who, in the late nineteenth century, settled in the town.
And nature has been generous to Sitges as it also has the privilege of being located on the Mediterranean coast at the foot of the Garraf. On a cultural level, the legacy is remarkable, art is alive and traditions are maintained with modernity. Sitges has preserved important medieval references and the ancient village of farmers and fishermen, and offers visitors an important architectural heritage. In addition, the town has a cosmopolitan character thanks to the heterogeneity of the population, where coexist more than 90 different nationalities.

Now, the XXI century Sitges is based on the creativity, talent and innovation, but without losing the roots. Sitges still want a town that attracts and seduces.

Sitges is …

300 days of sunshine a year
26 beaches
Three marinas
5 museums
1 Natural Park
1 golf course
more than 5,000 hotel rooms
more than 1,900 camping places
29,000 people of 90 nationalities
more than 400 restaurants and shops
50 events a year