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The Grand Tour visits Autodroma de Sitges Terramar

Published on Jan 28, 2018 The Grand Tour travels to Sitges, near Barcelona for Episode 8 (Series 2) Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May take on the banked (vertical) track at Autodroma de Sitges-Terramar. Described by Clarkson as “a bumpy, pot-holed death trap” Things get a bit bumpy in this practice run. Watch The… Read more »

Sitges ‘Santa Tecla’ Human Towers Castellers #Sitges

Human Towers Castellers Event at Cap de la Vila in Sitges Barcelona, Catalunya (Spain) Sitges Santa Tecla Past : Future from SitgesEvents.com : SitgesHolidayGuide.com : Sitges.net : Sitges.me : SitgesNight.com : More sites at www.Sitg.e Sitges Fiesta Santa Tecla – Fiesta Mayor – Festa Major – Fiesta Major 2016 | Sitges Events

Sitges Promenade Vista

View from a hotel on Sitges Promenade, near Barcelona in Catalunya (Spain): Hotel PlatJador https://goo.gl/maps/agCzgamhqNB2

Sagrada Família Completed Video

Visualisation of the Finished Basilica GAUDI’S UNFINISHED MASTERPIECE World Heritage Site Barcelona’s most-visited landmark 4 mill Towards 140 years in the making Up to 20 years left (by 2030) 1882 foundation stone (laid at feast of St Joseph) Gaudi 1883 to death in 1926 (20% complete/1 facade) 1936 damaged in Spanish Civil War 70% done at 112 meters (367 feet)… Read more »