Video in Travel & Hospitality

Everyone has a video camera… as can be seen from viewing the crowd of any music event or disaster.

However it is only in recent times, that video is being adopted, rather than taking photos.
Due to improvements in quality & the emergence of data options, that allow them to be shared

Video conferencing is also an area that has been held back by costs

Travellers & Ex-pats seeking a new life, will increasingly value footage, when it’s quality rises & sites like Sitges.TV broadcast the ones worth viewing. For their information & clarity.

Seeing is believing

Companies & venues are getting better at giving the best possible image, especially with the photo manipulation software & effects available.

Something that is harder with Video.

  • Colours are less easy to manipulate
  • Surroundings are less hidden, by moving camera angles
  • 360 views & VR can provide a feel for a location
  • Multi view streamed events can feel like being there

As professional equipment hits the mainstream, as ‘prosumer’, making amateurs closer to experts.
It will allow us to welcome & invite an ever growing number of video takers, into a relationship.
With events & venues.

In order to promote the experience they can offer.
In return for offers & rewards.

As a valuable resource for guest & host.
Get in contact to tell us how we can help you.

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